For us, craftsmanship is
always a work of art.

We produce air ducts and moulded parts of all kinds for ventilation and air-conditioning technology. Standard parts are usually combined with many special parts. Which means: There is actually no standard for our projects. We develop special parts ourselves or fiddle around in our sheet metal processing department to find the best possible production [method] for the desired components. At the moment, we enjoy our prefabricated components, which offer our customers real efficiency advantages. Our skills are always in demand, our experience and our ideas. Are we a little proud of that? Yes, of course.

Why we prefer to have a good idea   more than once.

Of course, just like us, our customers are always looking for ways to produce more efficiently and sustainably. Reliable solutions at a high level of quality are in demand. We now provide an answer that you can expect from us: Thanks to our systemic prefabrication, you now save time and money. And you act sustainable and reliable at the same time.

With prefabricated products, you keep a cool head when it comes to material costs.

We combine different components from our wholesale warehouse with products from our trunking and round pipe production. The result is prefabricated modules, ready for assembly and a perfect fit - even before delivery to your construction site. This saves you valuable assembly time.

The advantages of our company.
Now in one product:

  Pre-assembly under clean workshop conditions.
  No improvising on the construction site
  Compliance with hygiene standards according to VDI 6022
  Fast and efficient assembly on site
  Lean site logistics
  Minimisation of the error rate
  Less packaging waste and less material waste
  Mobilisation of capacity reserves

Do you also want your idea to take shape?
We offer the possibilities. With prefabricated components.
Talk to us.

Mistakes are not good, but sometimes necessary.

A mistake always has something double-edged about it. It annoys us. But it also motivates us. That's why we save some workpieces that we have produced incorrectly. That's no reason for us to be happy, but we know: It can be done better. And most of the time we have noticed it in time. Mistakes are an incentive for us. They actually give us a boost. We can also try something different, something better. Not to mention the fact that our recycling rate is 99 percent. That's something we can be a little proud of.

Our assortment

Product image spiral duct
Smoke extraction ducts and pipes

Smoke extraction ducts and round smoke extraction pipes made of sheet steel with a general construction inspection certificate.

Functional integrity: 120 min. at 600 °C

Product image smoke extraction ducts
Spiral ducts and fittings

Material: galvanised / V2A, DN 80 - 1800 mm

Product image moldings and ventilation ducts
Ventilation ducts and fittings

Material: galvanised / black sheet steel (max. 3 mm), stainless steel V2A / V4A (max. 2 mm), aluminium Almg3 (max.2 mm), copper

Construction: folded / welded, greaseproof sealing / soldered, export version, internally insulated / double-walled insulated

Product image smooth tubes
Smooth pipes and fittings

Pipe system for higher demands on tightness and hygiene.

Process air: Machine extraction, dust extraction, oil mist extraction, commercial kitchens.

Industry: chip ­transport, paint ­systems

Higher hygiene requirements: Hospitals, laboratories, clean room technology, pharmaceutical industry.

Product image copper hood
Everything for the roof

Deflector ­bonnets, flat ­roof bases (also insulated), pitched ­roof and flat ­roof ­custodies, rain ­collars, outlet ­bends and nozzles.

Material: galvanised / black sheet steel (max. 3 mm), stainless steel V2A / V4A (max. 2 mm), aluminium Almg3 (max.2 mm), copper

Finish: folded / welded / dotted, weatherproof soldered, weatherproof sealed

Product image custom made products
Special components

Whether triangular or trapezoidal ducts, folded, welded, made of sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper... 

No matter what your requirements are. We manufacture according to your individual requirements. High-precision and on-time processing on modern machines with concentrated manpower.

Like origami, but with sheet metal.

For us, production is written like precision. We enter the development model of our products into the work preparation via a CAD system. The sheet metal developments then end up digitally in a CAD-supported plasma cutter. The basic shapes of our production parts are created here in a matter of seconds and with millimetre precision from sheet metal up to one centimetre thick.

Further processing steps follow, for example on the automated bending bench. The finish is carefully done by hand. In our department for special parts and round parts, special sensitivity is required. The open lengths are finally closed with the appropriate type of fold. 2D becomes 3D - just like a sheet of paper.

Close up of machine cutting out shapes

Now it's time. Let's talk.

We can claim a lot when the working day is long. Put us to the test. Faced with challenges, faced with seemingly unsolvable tasks. Become a customer with us. Nothing could be easier.



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