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  • Air volume analysis
  • Leakage test
  • Hygiene check

Air volume analysis.

Conversions, modifications and changes to the utilisation of your building lead to deviations in the required target air volumes of the ventilation system. We determine the necessary air volumes for all areas of use and check the corresponding volume flows of your system using a standardised measurement procedure. The result then not only defines the standardised condition of your systems. It also corresponds to the expectations of your employees in terms of fresh air and room climate.  

High efficiency pressure? Time for an air volume measurement in accordance with DIN EN 12599.

  Checking for malfunctions in the air conditioning system
  Ensuring a suitable outdoor air rate
  Maintaining air hygiene in your building
  Optimised air pressure conditions in all rooms
  Adaptation to standardised air volumes 

The result: reduced energy consumption and efficient operation.

This is where the next good decision is made. For an analysis of your ventilation systems.

Leakage test.

Ventilation systems and air ducting systems should be checked regularly for leaks. This is because leaks in the air ducting systems of HVAC systems lead to uncontrolled air inlets and outlets. This can affect all utilisation units of buildings. In addition to energy losses, noise nuisance and emissions are often the result. Ensure your operating climate - also through good air hygiene. Have your air ducting system checked for leaks.

What does "tight" actually mean?

The specification in DIN EN 13779 helps here: the limit set there is a maximum total leakage of 2%. Air duct systems fall into four airtightness classes A-D depending on the air leakage rate. A tightness test on your air ducting system first of all makes it clear whether your system fulfils the respective class target or not. It also serves as a basis for optimisation measures for your air conditioning systems.

  Proof of compliance with the planned tightness class for new systems
  Verification of the existing tightness class in existing systems
  Basic determination of energy saving potential for the air conditioning system
  Basic determination for optimisation potential for air hygiene

The next good decision is made here. For a leak check of your ventilation systems.

Hygiene is simply a must.

Such a hygiene check of an air handling unit is not a luxury, it is mandatory. Especially if you are the operator of the system, you should fulfil the obligation of hygiene inspections. The legislator stipulates this every three years in accordance with VDI 6022, and even every two years for HVAC humidity systems.

You can't see them. But the uninvited guests in your air conditioning and ventilation system are still there. If you don't clean them regularly and professionally, bacteria, moulds and viruses will keep reappearing as if by themselves.

We can do it for you.

  Hygiene inspection in accordance with VDI 6022
  Legally compliant assessment and documentation
  Professional implementation
  Professional elimination of defects
  Analysis and advice for long-term hygiene concepts

Cleanly solved. Perfectly executed. The hygiene check of your air handling unit.

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